In more concrete terms, the implementation of the SelfNeutral mechanism depends on a management tool to monitor energy usage. After that, a defined path can the drawn towards achieving certification or self-proposed goals (for example a 5% decrease in GEE emissions).

Offered by IrRADIARE, IEMSY can strongly enhance the integration of different action spheres.



IEMSY web page:

IEMSY – Intelligent Energy Management System - is a technical and management tool that enables optimization of energy consumption, based on massive data collection and real-time monitoring.

In a time-line fashion, the main stages can be described as follows:

  • Planning of Energy Efficiency Measures: this phase will be responsible for the precise definition of energy efficiency measures and their practical implementation. Although feasibility is a primary concern, medium and long term planning should be addressed at this stage. Compliance with current standards must also be assessed;
  • Funding Observatory: this instrument's function is to scan the proper channels for funding opportunities that might apply to a given company;
  • Energy Demand and Procurement Management: after profiling energy consumption, advice on the optimal energy providers and solutions shall result in prompt savings, depending on the current energy profile;
  • Efficient Energy Consumption: the use of IEMSY enables a minute monitoring, essential to an efficient energy usage. Optimization and subsequent savings are generally possible in this phase;
  • Consumer Interaction: because consumers are eager for new experiences and involvement with their surroundings, proper communication campaigns and interaction possibilities should be a compass in this context. This interaction should be a priority during the whole process. This guarantees an effective positive marketing impact



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