Be SelfNeutral

Today, harmonization is undeniably a strong shaping force. Its rationale is straightforward, namely, to exploit economies of scale, potentiate marketing campaigns and ultimately strengthen the relationship with customers, while protecting the environment and being able to incorporate new ecological dimensions as they develop.

Equating all these spheres constitutes an exciting and complex challenge that the SelfNeutral seal responds to. Its mechanism, being versatile but comparable, allows the customer to easily ascertain the compliance with several environmental standards and the overall positioning in eco-efficiency matters of a given entity.

Concretely, the SelfNeutral seal is awarded to entities that actively pursue a green attitude towards the environment. Eligibility for this seal supposes compliance with a set of regulations and proactive action to incorporate new measures, depending naturally on the sector’s specificities. After this initial stage, the SelfNeutral point’s mechanism rewards conformity with regulations not in the initial set.

This scheme grants a new advantage not yet present in today’s sealing and labelling mechanisms. Instead of publicizing compliance with a new regulation, with all its complexity and probable marginal effect on the consumer, the focus is SelfNeutral points, a measure of engagement with current standards and future goals. Therefore, immediate comparison is possible between companies even if the standards are different. For the more curious customer, information must be obviously available, but a clearer and powerful communication campaign is now possible.

SelfNeutral is more than a new seal. It signals an attitude, a commitment with and for the customer to be more environmentally neutral.


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